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About Us
My name is James Paternoster. I am a contractor by vocation. I build custom homes, and additions. This along with plumbing, heating, and some commercial construction work, put food on the table. My passions are building classic old school trucks, and the breeding of top quality dogs.

I started breeding dogs over 15 years ago. I started with Rottweilers, but wanted a breed that not many people had. I saw a picture of a dogo in a book, and fell in love immediately. I researched the breed for two years, before I bought my first one. I made sure my investment was in good stock with good genetics. I strive to preserve the original temperament and type dogo, by breeding to the original standard, set forth by the breed's originator, Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez.

I have to thank Raul Zeballos and Philip Owen, in who's vast experience, knowledge, and eye for genetics has put me where I am today.

Our Breeding
At El Toro Dogos, our dogs are bred to meet the original standard provided by their initiator in 1947, as we fervently oppose any alteration to that norm. Willful changes, only tend to destroy the Dogo Argentino in its conception and are usually advocated by those unable to turn out Dogos that meet the ideals set forth by the creator of the breed.


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