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At El Toro Dogos our mission is the preservation of El Dogo Argentino, as envisioned by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, through strict adherence to his ideas and the production of superb quality representatives of this breed. Our breedings are based on the best available stock and carefully matched to preserve the original type and temperament.

We have all our Dogos (B.A.E.R.) tested at Cornell University, to preserve and maintain the Integrity of the breed.

Champions in My Bloodline

Altiva De La Pampas, Puerto Rican International and World Champion.

Caita Del Aruenis is Champion of the Americas, International, Latin American, Central American, Costa Rican, ARBA Champion.

India De Los Medanos, International, Latin American, Puerto Rican Champion.

Rebeca Del Naitupe, Argentine, Jr. World Champion.

Chico Della Mezzaluna, Mexican, International Champion.

Belisama De La Primera, ARBA Champion.

Falucho De Los Medanos, Mexican Champion.

Don Torcuato, Argentine Champion.

Moreton De Rancho Sol, Argentine Champion.

Sequndo De Antares, Argentine Champion.

Terror Del Malun, Argentine Champion.


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